You did it!



Congratulations! You’re in!! (Cue the confetti!)


Right now, two emails are being sent your way. The first contains your username and the link you’ll use to access Weekend Web Design and the second contains your password reset link.


Please be sure to check ALL the corners of your inbox (and try hunting around in your spam) if you don’t see those two emails show up momentarily.


If you have any trouble at all receiving those emails, please reach out to us *right away* at so that we can help you out. If you don’t see the emails within 10 minutes, either:


a) they’ve been caught in your spam folder

b) there was a glitch in delivery


If it’s not in spam and you still haven’t received it in 10 minutes, make sure to email right away so we can assist. I recommend keeping this page open until you receive it so that you have our support email handy if needed.


I’m so looking forward to having you in the course and can’t wait to see the beautiful website you create!



Jessica Pantermuehl, FNTP, CHHC

Founder, Holistic Entrepreneur Association