Most likely, the thought of building your own website is a little intimidating.


I get it.


You’re busy trying to help people get healthier, so learning about code probably isn’t all that appealing to you.
In fact, it’s probably downright overwhelming.


I get that, too.


Because it is so easy to get overwhelmed by the “tech part” of marketing your business, you might have settled for a janky-looking website, or, debatably worse, procrastinated creating one at all.


Yep, I’ve been there.


But the crazy truth is, it takes your prospective clients less than 3 seconds to form an opinion about you and your business after landing on your website. 3 seconds!

You can’t afford for it not to look polished, professional and inviting.


Which is why I created… 


Weekend Web Design 


Create a gorgeous website you’ll be proud to promote in less time than it takes
for you to brew a batch of bone broth.


After years of studying the member application forms we receive at the Holistic Entrepreneur Association and listening closely to the questions that have been coming up in the community, I learned that website design is a big frustration and source of overwhelm. I created this course to remove this common roadblock.


In this self-paced, online course, our detailed videos walk you through each step of creating a stunning website that seamlessly reflects your brand.


This video course is broken down into five separate modules, assumes no prior knowledge of anything “techie” and guides you every step of the way: from deciding which domain to buy and setting up your hosting plan to installing the theme and customizing your site with colors, fonts and images. I’ll be showing you how to create 5 different pages, including the Home page, Services page, About Me page and Contact page as well as your own Blog page.


And before we finish creating your site, I’ll be taking you through a powerful sequence of branding exercises to help you identify your brand’s color palette, look and feel so that your website looks and feels uniquely “you”. PLUS, I’ll be guiding you through a training on digital marketing strategy so that you can put your site to use right away. I’ve even provided two done-for-you opt-in offers you can put on your site right away to help you grow your email list.


know how frustrating it is to be overwhelmed with technology – it can really feel like a different language! So in addition to walking you through your site creation using terms you’ll actually be able to understand, I’ll also be providing you with a training on how to add to and maintain your website so that you don’t feel powerless in this area of your business.


And to make your web building process even easier, I’ll be providing you with over 100 beautiful images you can use on your website from here on out to help you avoid the hours of time it often takes to find good photos.


I really enjoyed creating this course for you and think you’ll love it.



We’ve had incredible feedback from those who have been going through the course. Here are just a couple of the recent gems:


This first one came within 10 minutes of this student starting the course:
“Jessica, I LOVE how you go step-by-step! I never could have done this without your program. And, you did all the ground work for us! Thank you!” – A.W., NTP


And another message that came in after this student started the Branding module:

“I’m really impressed with what you have created with this program!!! I’ve been pondering and percolating ideas for my practice, brand and vision for a while. Knowing that what I had was inadequate and not really my style. But was ill equipped to update it from a tech knowledge perspective. The way you’ve broken it down into bite size pieces and walk us through is perfect! I’m working on the color aspect now. Well done!!!!” – Christie, NTP



She was asked if she hired a professional web designer:

I just want to say thank you so, so, so much for making this course!! I technically haven’t even finished all the modules yet, and I already have an amazing new site. I showed it to my very picky/critical sister, and she asked if I hired someone!! I cannot even imagine how long (if ever…) that would have taken me to figure out on my own!  You really made everything so easy to follow.  So THANKS!!!! – Andrea Grunberger, NTP



And another from a student who had just finished the course:

FANTASTIC COURSE!!! I’ve been telling some of my friends to use it. So, so, so grateful that you broke this down! I had managed a WordPress website for an organization I used to work for, but had never set one up. I’ve mastered the WordPress beast and feel like I can conquer anything online. Thank you for the boost of self confidence! – Lucy McVicker, NTP






<h1>1</h1> <br> Choose from 3 Layouts


Choose from 3 Layouts
<h1>2</h1> <br> Purchase the Layout You'd Like


Purchase the Layout You'd Like
<h1>3</h1> <br> Get Step-by-Step Guidance for Building Your Beautiful Site!


Get Step-by-Step Guidance for Building Your Beautiful Site!







P.S. A “layout” is just that: the way the site is laid out, in terms of where the elements are placed (such as blog posts, side bars and so on). You’ll be learning how to customize your site with the colors, fonts and images that reflect your brand so that your site feels uniquely “you.”




Module 1: Domain & Host It

Lesson 1: Choose Your Domain
Tips for choosing the right domain (and what to avoid) along with the steps to secure it

Lesson 2: Sign Up for Hosting
Sidestep the pitfalls of poor quality hosting and get set up with a dream host in no time

Lesson 3: Install WordPress
Once you’ve secured your hosting, you’ll be able to do this with the click of a button!

Lesson 4: Set Up Your Domain Name Email Address
Elevate your email professionalism with a email address

Bonus Lesson: Connect Your New Email with Gmail
Learn how to send and receive emails using your domain’s email addresses right in Gmail

Module 2: Theme It

Lesson 1: What are Themes?
Learn what a theme is and how it can transform the look of your site in an instant 

Lesson 2: Install the Theme
This guide takes you through the installation of your new, beautiful theme 

Lesson 3: What are Plugins?
Learn what these little tools are inside of your website that perform all kinds of magic

Lesson 4: Install the Plugins
Here we go over the most important plugins you need for a professional
website that is optimized for SEO (you’ll learn what that is too!)

Module 3: Brand It

Lesson 1: Identify Your Ideal Client
These powerful, step-by-step exercises will help you zero in on your target market

Lesson 2: Identify Your Brand’s Personality
This commonly overlooked, crucial sequence of exercises differentiates your brand and makes it infinitely easier for you to create your future content and marketing materials

Lesson 3: Choose Your Color Palette
Here’s where we start to get artistic! (Don’t worry, you’ll be guided every step of the way) 

Lesson 4: Choose Your Fonts
We’ll demystify how to choose a stunning font combination 

Lesson 5: Create Your Logo
It’s easier than you think!

Lesson 6: Create Your Branding Board
This lesson alone will save you more hours down the road than you could ever imagine!

Module 4: Design It

Lesson 1: Customize Your Site Using Your Branding Board
Here’s where your website will start feeling like a real representation of your brand

Lesson 2: Adding Images
Learn how to choose images that create a knockout site (and download the 100+ beautiful images I provide for you!)

Lesson 3: Create Your Blog and Services Pages
Get your message out in the world and tell people how they can work with you

Lesson 4: Create Your About Me and Contact Pages
Make it easy for people to connect with you (plus a bonus handout for writing your bio page!)

Lesson 5: Create Your Menu, Header and Footer
Learn how to make it simple for people to navigate your site

Lesson 6: Linking Your Social Media Accounts
Promote your social platforms right through your website

Module 5: Launch It

Lesson 1: Getting to Know Your Website’s Admin Panel
This guide walks you through each part of the backend of your site so that you can manage your own website (and understand the metrics) with total confidence 

Lesson 2: Create Categories for Your Posts
Make it easy for people to find all of the great articles you will write!

Lesson 3: Create Your First Post
Learn the sequence of creating, formatting and publishing a post

Lesson 4: Digital Marketing 101 + Create Your Opt-In Offer
Learn the strategies best practices of non-sleazy digital marketing, and add an opt-in offer to your site. You’ll even receive two done-for-you opt-in offers you can download and use right away!

Lesson 5: Launch It!
Press the launch button and sit back in admiration of your beautiful, polished and professional new website!





5 Course Modules (see above)

5 Course Modules (see above)

Branding Exercises

Branding Exercises

DIY Customized Branding Board

DIY Customized Branding Board

DIY Theme Set Up with Blog & Four Pages

DIY Theme Set Up with Blog & Four Pages

Plug-In Tutorial and DIY Installation

Plug-In Tutorial and DIY Installation

Digital Marketing Strategy Training with Done-for-You Opt-In Offers

Digital Marketing Strategy Training with Done-for-You Opt-In Offers

100 Stock Images to Enhance Branding

100 Stock Images to Enhance Branding

Tutorial for Using Your New Website

Tutorial for Using Your New Website





A domain name, hosting and the website theme itself. However, you don’t need to purchase these prior to starting the course, as you’ll be guided through every step of what exactly to buy, and even tips for what domain name to choose.


Before you buy your course, I want to make sure you know there are some additional fees that are a normal part of setting up a website and are separate from the course itself.


Specifically: purchasing your domain name & hosting (which averages around $7-10/month, billed annually),
and buying the theme (which is $59). Again, we’ll be going through specifically which hosting provider and plan to purchase and which theme to buy in the first few lessons of the course.


These aren’t things you’ll purchase from us, but I’ll show you exactly how to get them.



If you’ve done some research on what your options are for having a polished, professional website created, you’ve probably found that a quality website will range anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. It easily gets into a higher range if you’re looking for extensive customizations. We understand that most new practitioners don’t have that kind of cash lying around, especially when they are first starting out, so we’re happy to offer this course to you, which will result in a completed website at the level of professionalism you could easily spend $2-5k on, for $299.


Line 300


Creating this course has been quite the labor of love, but I am very happy
to have been able to do it and to make it available to you now.


I know that high-quality marketing materials are so valuable to our community, yet many practitioners feel professional websites are out of reach due to prohibitive costs and their lack of technical know-how.


I’m happy to provide you with a course that answers both of those challenges,
and cannot wait to see the beautiful website you create.

Line 300

Choose a layout below and create your own beautiful site for just $299.

Weekend Web Design has been approved by the Nutritional Therapy Association as an eligible source of Continuing Education Units



Do I actually need to do the course in a weekend? Or is it called that just to give us an idea of how long the course would take?

No, you don’t need to do it in a weekend, and yes, that’s exactly why it’s called “Weekend Web Design” – it takes about two days to do the course (though you have lifetime access to the materials, so you can take as long as you’d like!).

Can I add my own images to the site? For example, I'd like to use a picture of myself as the large image on the homepage.

Absolutely! You can change out any and all of the images that you see on the layouts. Adding a photo of yourself as the large image on the homepage is a great idea, as it establishes a connection between you and your visitors right away.

Who does website maintenance and updates after the site is completed? Is that something I can do?

Yes, I will be showing you how to do your updates and maintenance. It’s pretty simple once you know the steps!

Are these websites responsive/mobile friendly?

Definitely! They look beautiful across all devices – mobile, tablets, laptops and desktops. You can see this in action by visiting those demo theme sites right on any device.

Can I create my site using a different platform than WordPress?

This course walks you through the very specific steps of creating a WordPress site (and with a very specific WordPress theme as well), so if you’d like to create your website on a different platform (such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc.), or don’t want to change the WordPress theme you’re currently using, this wouldn’t be the best course for you.

Can I further customize the layout I choose? For example, do I have to include the section where they subscribe to my newsletter?

Yes, you can definitely customize it further on your own. The course will show you each step of setting up the website so that it looks like the demo site (and I will show you how to customize it with your colors, fonts and images), but during that process you’ll start to get an idea of how flexible the site really is. After the course, you’re welcome to customize your site to your heart’s content!

Will the course be able to be accessed at any time or are there set times?

Yes! You can go at your own pace and access the materials whenever you would like.

Can you give me an approximation of how many hours the course will take me?

The course content itself is 3 1/2 hours long, and is designed so that you can pull up another browser window next to the course videos and follow right along, step-by-step. On average, people spend about 16 hours on the course, so about two full days (hence, Weekend Web Design). The biggest variable is how much time you’ll spend on the branding portion of the course. In that section, I walk you through how to pick out the colors and fonts for your brand, as well as how to design a text-based logo. That’s where most people can take varying lengths of time, depending on how quickly they can come to a decision regarding their brand direction. We’ve had students finish the course (and their website) in as little as 5 hours.

Can I get CEUs for this course?

If you are an NTP or an NTC, then yes! This is a CEU-approved course through the Nutritional Therapy Association, and you are eligible for 3.5 CEUs for taking this course.

What is your refund policy?

I stand behind this course 100%. If you get through the first two modules of the course and don’t get value or feel your learning style doesn’t match how I teach, simply refrain from moving onto module three and I’ll happily refund you (the request does need to be submitted within 30 days of purchasing). That said, please don’t enroll in this course to “check it out.” I’ve put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into creating this course, and it is intended for serious students only.

I already have a website, but don't love it. Should I do this course?

That depends. If you want to overhaul your site and have the layout look like one of the three demo sites we’ve listed above, then yes! You can copy and paste the content from your old site to your new one, or, if it was a WordPress site, you can follow the tutorial I provide for exporting your posts from an old site and importing them into your new site. If you’d prefer to keep your old website and just want to make it look nicer, this probably isn’t the course for you. Reason being, this course walks you through each technical step of creating one of those three websites above, and shows you how to modify and personalize one of these specific sites to your own brand. There are a TON of other platforms and themes out there and, depending on which one you might be using for your existing site, the technical steps can vary quite a bit.

When I finish my site, do I have to make it go live right away? Or can I work on it at my own pace and make it live when I'm ready to start seeing clients?

You are totally in control of when your site goes live. The course shows you how to create a nice looking “maintenance mode” landing page (which doesn’t need to say “maintenance mode”, it can say anything you’d like) while your site is under construction.

I created an example so you can see how this would look: Sample “Coming Soon” Page

I noticed a lot of your testimonials were from NTPs. Is this course just for NTPs? A friend of mine really needs this course but they aren't an NTP or even a practitioner.

No, the course is not specifically for NTPs (the reason you see all those NPTs in the testimonials is because I launched the beta version of this course to my NTP colleagues first). I created the course to support all kinds of health practitioners, but in truth, anyone who wanted a website could take this course. As long as your friend likes one of the three layouts that are offered, then they can certainly take the course, and they can, of course, adapt any of the content to make it appropriate for their unique site.

I already have my domain and hosting set up and installed WordPress, but want to go with one of these layouts instead of the WordPress theme I'm currently using. Can I do this course?

Absolutely! You’ll just be skipping the first few steps of the course where I walk you through the domain and hosting set up, and digging right into installing your new theme. If you only have a domain but no hosting yet, we’ll also be covering how to navigate this.



Have a question that wasn’t covered in our FAQs? Use our contact form here to let us know! 


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